Anarcho-Pacifist Apologetics

Studies in St. Peter's First Epistle

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Vine & Fig Tree

Social Apologetics

A Pacifist for Congress


An Anarchist for Congress

More Bible Verses about Pacifism

A Biblical Defense of Pacifism

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Swords Into Plowshares

The Sixth Commandment

Vengeance Belongs to God, Not to Man

Capital Punishment

What Would You Do If . . . ?   -- Pacifist alternatives to lethal force

No "Holy Wars" in Our Day

Holy War

Holy War: Devoted to Destruction

God Sends Evil: Romans 13 and the Christian Anarchist

Revelation 13, Isaiah 13

A Theonomic Critique of Logic

Apologetics Without Aristotle

Death by Government

Thesis 54: War, Capital Punishment, and “The Sword”

Personal Peace and Affluence

A City upon a Hill

Benjamin Rush Quote

On Building the Kingdom

Does Jesus Command His Followers to Take Up a Sword? (Luke 22)

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